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Organic Aloe Vera Butter(Unrefined) 40g


HKD 69.00

【 Organic pure yellow beeswax-Grade A】100g


HKD 168.00

【 Rose Bulgarian Wax 】30g

(適合製作 : 唇膏 , 香膏 , 乳霜, 乳液)

HKD 259.00

Natural Yellow Beeswax B(China) 5000g

( 適合製作:潤唇膏、軟膏、蠟燭、香磚)

HKD 98.00

Organic Mango butter (UK)400g


HKD 320.00

Organic Mango butter (UK) 80g

Mangifer Indica Seed

HKD 119.00

Behenyl Beeswax (France)50g

(Suitable for : Ointment, Lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, lotion and sunscreen products.)

HKD 98.00

Castor Oil Butter (USA) 30g

(適合製作:軟油膏 ,唇膏、潤唇膏、唇彩、彩妝品、乳液、防曬產品。)

HKD 65.00

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